PPP Marketing Strategy

What is PPP Marketing?

The PPP Marketing strategy offers CBN members the following;

  • Pin and pop-up on the member directory map.
  • Profile page with all your details and offerings.
  • Promotion on social media and referral.

The flow from Pin to Profile.

When someone clicks on your Pin a pop-up appears; the popup should ideally present a Special Offer to encourage visitors to click on the pop-up. 

When they click on the pop-up, they are directed to your Profile page which serves as your personal one-page website.

Your Profile on CBN

Your Profile page is your public presence on CBN, your sales page.

When one member refers you to 

Promotion in PPP.

Your presence on the CBN directory is promoted on social media in three different ways;

  • Promotion of Special Offers on social media driving traffic directly to your Profile page. 
  • Promotion by sector which attracts the attention of people looking for your services. 
  • Promotion by area which attracts people who want to support local businesses. 

Members are encouraged to promote each others’ profiles to their pages and groups because it is a very powerful, yet simple, way to help each other.

Ask yourself,

  • How irritated do you get when others promote their own business? 
  • How irritated do you get when they promote other businesses? 

Within reason, most of us feel positive when someone champions their friend’s business but we feel irritated when they keep promoting their own business.

Promoting others is helping, promoting ourselves is selling.

We hardwired to feel positively when someone helps another person.

Exclusive benefit.

There are only two Pins available per sector/profession in each Network Group, giving members a competitive edge over their competition. 

Setting up your Profile

Your Profile page is your sales-page on CBN, so let’s make it sizzle. 

Your main image should have an aspect ratio of 1.5 (e.g. 800 x 1,200 or 1,000 x 1500) so that it appears correctly in the popup window, The image should present your Special Offer (such as mine above). 

Your personal photo should be a clear head-shot.

The text should flow through the following

  • Short description of the benefit your service offers potential clients
  • Short bio about yourself
  • Longer description about your service
  • Short pitch about your Special Offer (details can go under the Special Offer tab)
  • Testimonials

Send images and text to CBN on info@collaboratesa.co.za

What does it cost?

PPP is included FREE to CBN Network Members.

As a stand-alone package, PPP is available at only R333 per month, paid quarterly in advance. Pleasenote that stand-alone packages are only available in sectors/professions where there are no Network Member Pins.

How to sign up.

Option 1. Click Get Invited and get invited to a CBN Network Meeting

Option 2. Join the CBN Meetup group and RSVP to an upcoming event.

Option 3. Complete the Application Form and we will let you know which groups have openings in your sector/profession. Please do not pay until requested to do so.